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This is my sixth year in the district and my first at Santa Fe High School. I am excited to join the high school English Department and see all my students again!

You can contact me at or (409) 925-3260. 

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~After-School Tutorials~

After School: Tuesday & Wednesday 2:50 - 3:20


~Course Materials~

In order to succeed in this class, there are several items that students are required to bring to class every day

  • Composition Notebook
  • An independent reading book (From my library, the school library, or home!)
  • Writing Utensil (pen or pencil is fine)



Click here to download Shuck_Eng I Syllabus 2023 - 2024.docx

         Your student is automatically enrolled in my Canvas Course. To access my class, locate the button that says Class Link on the SFISD homepage. Class Link.

         Students will use the same link to locate all of their classes.  After they choose their course, they can engage in their class. 


~Class Expectations~

  1. Show respect towards yourself, peers, and your teachers.
  2. Be prepared and bring your supplies to class, every day.
  3. Be engaged.
  4. All electronic devices/cellphones will be kept in your bag during class.


~Self Censorship~

Students will be given the chance to choose their own books. My role is to be a guide for them, not to pick what they will independently read.



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