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Hello, everyone & welcome to art class! I am Ms. Robinett, the Draw 2, 3, & 4 teacher for Santa Fe High School. In this class we will focus on the fundamentals of drawing; consideration of line, space, form, and perspective in rendering from still life, landscape, or the human figure.  I am excited to meet you all soon and I hope you and your families are doing well. 

I know we will still have a great year and I look forward to getting to know each of you!

Remember, time management is key!  Make a daily/weekly schedule with all of your assignments and take it one step at a time.  All of your teachers are here for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


Why take Art?

  • Stimulates the right side of the brain and develops your imagination and creativity.
  • Promotes self-expression
  • Promotes non-verbal communication skills
  • Engages the senses
  • Builds keener sense of perception, which contributes to better decision-making abilities.


Materials: Draw 3 or 4 Fee of $50 covers tools and materials that will be used in the classroom on a regular basis. If students have to take their artwork home, they are responsible for their own materials. Plenty of class time will be given in-class to complete assignments. Any donations for supplies are wonderful! Anything is welcome especially pencils, tape, hand sanitizer and tissues!


Course Fee: $50.00

  • I cannot and will not accept any fees in the classroom.  
  • Fees are used to cover the cost of student's supplies needed while in class only.
  • Students that fail to submit their $50.00 Course Fee will be put on a fine list until the fee has been paid


Assessment and Grading Plan:

  • Grades will be determined on an individual basis using a rubric. All projects must be well designed and well-constructed.
  • Each project will have grades at various stages of completion.
  • The overall grade on a project will be compiled from multiple aspects: quality work, class participation and cooperation. The mere completion of a project does not guarantee a passing grade.
  • All students will be required to present a final portfolio at the end of class for final assessment.
    • The portfolio will consist of idea sketches, rough drafts, and final drawings of assignments, vocabulary, chapter reviews from the textbook and self-critiques.
  • Students are required to, and will be graded on, using in-class time to the fullest.
  • Grading guidelines that will be followed for each project:
    • Completion – 20%
    • Craftsmanship – 20%
    • Individual Effort – 20%
    • Use of class time – 20%
    • Application of learned subject material – 20%

Grading Procedures: 

  • 90-100= A, 80-89= B, 75-79= C, 70-74= D, 0-69= F
  • Alternative Assessment/Daily work= 20%
  • Quizzes/Sketchbook= 30%
  • Exams/Projects= 50%

Alternative Assessment/ Daily Work: Participation/clean-up grades are taken randomly. Book work sheets that are done in one day’s time.

Quizzes/Sketchbook: Quizzes are given periodically to check for understanding of a new technique or vocabulary. Vocabulary quizzes are given exactly 1 week after the vocab is assigned. (Any changes will be told to the students in advance and written on the board in the Draw section. 

Exams/Projects: Projects are graded on basis of craftsmanship, design, and class time spent on projects. Students are given approximately 1-4 weeks to complete projects depending on the scope of work.  Longer 4-week projects will have periodic grades taken on a time management basis to ensure the student has enough time to complete his or her own project. 

Course Requirements: Full participation, attendance, and cooperation, completion of objectives of all assignments.

To get last minute updates and reminders for Draw class download the App Remind 101.
Enter #: 81010 and send message: @RobDraw234 - This will be the first grade.
Parents are more than welcome to join to keep up with class updates and announcements.  IF YOUR NAME IS NOT YOUR USERNAME PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE WITH YOUR FULL NAME.


Daily Expectations: Respect me (Ms. Robinett), the art classroom, and all other students. To use your class time wisely and work on the project at hand.  Follow my Art Lab/Classroom Rules and Expectations as well as SFHS rules, policies, and procedures.


Classroom Discipline: My class adhere all of the Santa Fe High School’s Code of Conduct both virtually and face-to-face.

  • 1st-- Verbal Warning
  • 2nd- Teacher/Student Conference
  • 3rd- Teacher Detention & Parent/Guardian Contact
  • 4th- Teacher/Student/Parent or Guardian Conference with Classroom Referral


Tardy Policy:

We follow SFHS tardy policy. All doors will be shut AND LOCKED at the time of the bell and the student will have to obtain a tardy slip for entrance into class.

10 Minute Rule - No student will be permitted to leave the classroom for any reason for the first or last 10 minutes of class.


Restroom Policy:

  • Students may ask to use the restroom during appropriate times
    • Ex: before the tardy bell, after the lesson, during work times, or near the end of class.
  • It will be the teacher’s discretion to allow the student to leave at that time.
  • Students must sign out and sign back in n both the classroom log as well as on the pass itself.
  • The student may only use the restroom if they hand in their cell phone while out of the classroom.
    • Once the pass is returned, they will be able to get their cell phone back.


REMINDER: Students have time between classes to get from class to class as well as use the restroom. Students who abuse their restroom time will lose restroom privileges for the remainder of the year. 

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