High Frequency Words

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1st nine weeks

a, am, an, at, be, can, did, do, go, he, in, is, it, me, or, as, by, of, my, no, on, I, us, we, big

2nd nine weeks

all, how, day, man, for, if, I’m, just, like, not, put, the, up, here, one, see, was, went, who, but, him, has, get, play, now

3rd nine weeks

was, saw, would, don’t, to, had, your, are, came, into, so, you, too, will, two, she, and, her, his, got, said, look, than, mother, could

4th nine weeks

after, back, because, been, come, from, have, where, then, they, very, away, before going, were, them, this, little, that, when, our, with, their, make, out

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