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Welcome! My name is Jalyn Hefner and I teach 6th grade Social Studies, this is my second year here at Santa Fe Junior High. I look forward to an amazing school year full of learning, growing, and exploring! 



1st Period: 7:40 - 8:31 ADV Social Studies

2nd Period: 8:35 - 9:26 ADV Social Studies

3rd Period: 9:30 - 10:27 ADV Social Studies

4th Period: 10:31am - 12:20pm ADV Social Studies

     6th grade LUNCH: 10:34 - 11:10am

5th Period: 12:24 - 1:15pm ADV Social Studies

6th Period: 1:19 - 2:10 Conference 

7th Period: 2:14 - 3:05pm ADV Social Studies



Contact Me:  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me! 

I will do my best to respond to voicemails left during the school day either at the end of the day or the follow work day during my conference period. 

Emails are always a quick way to reach out!


(409) 925-9300 EXT:9367

Class Rules:

  1. Be prompt: be in class each day; be in your seat
    when the bell rings.
  2. Be prepared: bring your materials to class each day.
  3. Be polite: everyone gets the same opportunity to learn, share, and participate.
  1. Be positive: express yourself, have fun, be enthusiastic, encourage others.
  1. Be productive: complete all assignments and
    homework on time.


Classroom Policies: School policies are available in student handbook. Please read the handbook.


Make Up Work: Students are responsible for discussing with their teacher any assignments missed due to their absence upon their return to class.

Make up work will be completed outside of class time or at the teacher’s discretion.

The number of days allowed for make-up work to be completed will be equal to the number of days a class was missed.

If extra time is needed, the student should discuss the matter with Mrs. Hefner.

Make up work often requires the student to attend tutorials to receive detailed instructions or assistance.


Tutorials for Social Studies are every Tuesday from 3:10-3:45. 


Grading: There will be at least 1 minor grade per week (this will fluctuate with the lessons), and 3 major grades in each 9-week grading period with exceptions at teacher discretion. 



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