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Mrs. Schultz’s Class Schedule

8:30-8:35                       Announcements         

Reading/Language Arts:

Reading Workshop:

8:35-8:45                       Phonemic Awareness

8:45-8:55                       Read Aloud

8:55-9:10                       Shared Reading Mini-Lesson

9:10-10:10                     Guided Reading, Independent Reading, Literacy Stations

10:10-10:20                   Closing/Reflection

10:20-10:40                   Recess

10:40-11:00                   Phonics

Writing Workshop:

11:00-11:15                    Patterns of Power/Handwriting

11:15-11:45                     Lunch

11:45-12:15                    Shared Writing, Interactive Writing, Independent Writing


12:15-12:25                    Problem of the Day

12:25-12:45                    Number Talk and Fluency Practice

12:45-1:05                     Math Mini Lesson and practice

1:05-2:05                       Guided Math/Math Stations

2:05-2:50                      Specials

2:55-3:05                       Closing/Reflection

Science and Social Studies:

3:05-3:35                       Science/Social Studies

3:40                              Dismissal


Specials Schedule

Day 1   PE

Day 2   Art

Day 3   PE

Day 4   Music

Day 5   PE

We will go to library every other Wednesday from 1:30-2:00.

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