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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What do I do if I miss class during virtual learning (first three weeks)

Answer:  You will be marked absent.  Lessons will be recorded and posted on my Home page.  Watch the lesson and complete the assignment by 11:59 of the same day, and the absence will be changed to present.

Question: What if I am sick and unable to complete the work by 11:59 the same day?

Answer: You will be marked absent just like normal.  You will have three days to complete make up work.  Daily lessons are posted on the Home page.  Check TUTORIAL times if you need additional help or ask for an agreed upon meeting time.

Question:  What will we be reading this year?

Answer:  Please view my course description page for the course.  It is on my E-portfolio/Website.

Question:  Do I need to have my camera on during the entire class period?

Answer: Yes!  You will be able to minimize the Teams meeting for quizzes, tests, Canvas assignments.  

Question: Do I need to have my microphone on for the entire class period?

Answer: Microphones should REMAIN MUTED unless otherwise instructed. We will have several options for interaction including chat, "hand raising", and eventually screen sharing.

Question:  What supplies do I need?

Answer: Honestly, just be sure to bring a charger for your technology!  (Unless you've figured out solar power, in which case, ask for a seat near the window ;)  )

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