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Stephen McLellan - (AKA Coach McLellan)

World History/Economics/ Government/Assistant Football & Head Tennis Coach 

email: stephen.mclellan@sfisd.org

phone main: 409-927-3100 ;  fieldhouse: 409-927-3149.

ROOM # B-108. 

5th Period and Wednesdays 2:45-3:15


I am 1/2 Canadian , born in Houston and raised in Seabrook, Texas.  I attended Clear Lake High School and then Texas Tech University.  I served 20 years in the U.S. Navy/Navy Reserve attached to Marine Corps Reserve Units.  Some of the places I have been include Scandinavia (NW Europe), Iraq, West Africa plus the Horn of Africa, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  I have lived in the Chicago Area, Southern California and have spent summers in Ontario, Canada.  I love History and Sports and believe knowledge of history and being a part of a team will help anyone in life. .  I look forward to helping you out this year in any way I possibiy can!! 



1) WORLD HISTORY ( 7:20-8:05)

2) ECONOMICS (8:10-8:55)

3) WORLD HISTORY (9:00-9:50:)

4) ECONOMICS  (9:55- 10:40) 

5) CONFERENCE PERIOD  (10:40 - 12:15 )

6) ECONOMICS  (12:20-1:05)

7) ECONOMICS (1:10-1:55)

8) ATHLETICS (2:00- 2:45) 


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