Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Davis - 4th Grade

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Welcome to the Johnson/Davis team! We are so excited to begin another year with new fourth graders.  This is our second year to be partner teachers.  However, we have known each other for a long time.  Mrs. Johnson was Ms. Davis' 4th grade teacher too! 

 We look forward to meeting all of you August 9th at Meet the Teacher.  Don't forget to bring your supplies so you don't have to carry them in on the first day!  

Please use this link below to learn a little more about Mrs. Johnson and Ms. Davis. 

Meet Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Davis (click here)Links to an external site.

Important times:

8:30 Start time

9:20 Specials

12:30 Lunch

12:05 Recess

3:45 Dismissal



To contact Mrs. Johnson (math/science/social studies)



To contact Mrs. Davis (reading/writing)




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