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Coach Burns




Campus Phone: 409-927-3289 EXT.3289
Tutorial Hours: Tutorials will be held upon request





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Hello All!

I am so excited to get the 2023 - 2024 school year started here at Santa Fe High School!  

To let you know a little about me...

This is my 6th year at Santa Fe. If you are around me a lot you might also hear many students refer to me as Coach Burns. I coach 9th Grade Football, Girls Basketball and Softball. 

My Classroom Guidelines for Success

Safety in the classroom at all times
Turn work in on time
Stay organized and accountable with time and materials
Respect the teacher, the students, the class room, & yourself.
Be productive with the time you are given



My Classroom Expectations

Be on-time, on task, & ready to learn! 
Ask & receive confirmation from Mr. Burns to leave class for any reason - Must sign out
Cell phones will be held at my desk while using the hall pass and will be returned to the student when they return to class and the hall pass has been returned to me. 
Pick up after yourself and your table. - At 10 minutes’ start cleaning, once the room is cleaned stay at your table. NO LINES AT THE DOOR. 


Class Schedule

1st Period - Pharmacy Technician

2nd Period - Pharmacy Technician

3rd Period - Principles of Health Science

4th Period - Principles of Health Science

5th Period - Health Science Theory

6th Period - Health Science Theory

7th Period - Conference

8th Period - Athletics



See our Santa Fe Tribal Guide for more information. Please email if you have any questions


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