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Welcome to Ms. Loye's English 1 /Pre-AP/ ESL Classes!

Contact Information:

email: kristy.loye@sfisd.org

Phone Number: 409-927-3100



My name is Kristy Loye and this is my 14th year in public school and my 18th overall in education. I have taught all levels from Pre-K 3 through college level. I've taught at several districts and community colleges in the area including HCC, ACC, and GC. Not only do I love teaching, I also love learning.

After graduating from the University of North Texas in 2003, I moved to Bayou Vista and became certified to teach through COM. I hold four certifications: Art K-12, ESL Supplemental, EC-4 and English 8-12. Later, I pursued my Master's Degree in Liberal Studies from Rice University where I graduated in 2014. 




Daily Schedule         


1st – Conference                       

2nd – PLC                        

3rd – English 1 Pre-AP                        

4th –English 1 Pre-AP

5th – ESL 

6th – English 1 Pre-AP

7th –English 1

How do I find my class online?

First, go to the Santa Fe ISD websiteLinks to an external site..

Next, click on "students,Links to an external site." then, click on "Canvas" and log in. 

Then, once in Canvas, click on "courses" on the left panel.

Click on your English Class. On the home page, you will see a link that says, 



Kristy Loye                                       

Classroom: D108

Conference Period: 1st

Email: Kristy.Loye@sfisd.org

Tutorials: Thursdays and Fridays after school 2:45 - 3:15 p.m.


Pre-AP / English I/ (ESL) Syllabus

Course Description

Welcome to English I!  This course includes frequent writing, close readings of a variety of materials, and analytical discussions.  Our goal is to prepare you for the EOC STAAR (ESL – TELPAS) test and teach you skills that are necessary for success after high school as well.

Supply List (required):

  • Laptop – phones will not be sufficient for logging into and participating in class.
  • Power-cords to keep device battery charged
  • Face masks to be worn at ALL times covering nose and mouth
  • Pencils / Paper
  • You may bring a water bottle for in-person instruction to avoid water fountains during COVID-19 :)

Tests/Exams Rules

  • Students have two weeks to retest and major exam grade up to a 70% (excluding 9-wks exam, semester exam, and EOC exams)
  • If a student fails to demonstrate mastery on the re-test, the higher of the two grades shall be recorded.

PRE- AP Grading Scale: 

Essays and exams/Major Grades: 60%

Quizzes/Minor Grades: 30%

Daily Grades, homework: 10%


Essays and exams/Major Grades: 50%

Quizzes/Minor Grades: 30%

Daily grades, homework: 20%

Make-Up Work

Students shall be permitted to make up assignments and tests after an absence. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for and to complete make-up work. The student has the number of days equal to the number of days missed in order to complete make up work and tests.

Late Work

The expectation is that all students will comply with all deadlines for class assignments. However, if the student does submit assignments past the deadline the teacher will adhere to the following for late assignments:

              1 day late = 25 point deduction

              2 days late = 25 point deduction

              3 days late = 25 point deduction

25 points will ONLY be taken off once but apply to any/ all of the 3 days.

  • After 3 days, no late work will be accepted.

Remind App

The BEST way to contact me is through email and Remind. Signing up for Remind is an EXPECTATION, not a a request.

I use the Remind App account for my classroom. This is a great way for me to send out assignment reminders and imperative information. Both students and parents can sign up for the account by following the instructions below. All students are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to do this in order to stay up to date with information. All information is kept private and there is no way for me to ever know a student’s personal number or vice versa.


  1. Get out your phone.
  2. Create a new text message to the number 81010
  3. The message should say “@4c8c3k”
  4. Press send.
  5. Follow all other instructions sent to you via text.

(if you are having trouble with 81010, try texting “@4c8c3k” to (315)790-6994)


Canvas Website   Located on the Santa Fe High School webpage under “staff” is my teacher website (just click on my name.) This includes information about my class, tutorial times, weekly agendas, and all contact information. There will also be a monthly calendar that outlines what students are working on each day. Please use this site to your advantage to keep up with work or tutorials. Students will use this website to complete assignments and quizzes.


We will be using our Class Notebook (LEFT link on canvas page) everyday. We will keep our journals, handouts, readings, notes, writing and  library ( a total of 6 files) and other assignments here. You will access One Note through our Canvas page link. Don't use onenote.com, it will not link to your Class Notebook.


Contact our Tech Help department by emailing them M-F 7:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. at techhelpdesk@sfisd.org They will contact you within at least 2 hours.

Click Here to go to Santa Fe Technology Troubleshooting Guide.Links to an external site.



                           Students that are attending class virtually will be asked to abide the following rules while attending class.

  • Log in on time, daily. Do not be late!
  • Keep your video turned on (to be counted PRESENT for attendance).
  • Keep your microphone muted unless instructed otherwise.
  • Adhere to the bathroom break policy.
  • Keep video stationary. 
  • Position yourself in a place away from noise and distractions (no music or television). 


              The district will be enforcing a cell phone policy that requires ZERO cell phone use during instructional time. The Santa Fe expectations are listed below.


1st Offense – Verbal warning to put the cell phone away.

2nd Offense – Phone will be confiscated and returned at the end of class.

3rd Offense – Phone will be confiscated and turned into campus bookkeeper. The student and/or parent will be able to retrieve the phone at the end of the school day after paying a $15 fine.


  • Keep an up with an online writing journal with notes, writings, handouts, and reflections
  • Type on a regular basis
  • Work in groups
  • Read out loud, in groups, and independently on a regular basis
  • Check books out of the library
  • Read silently on a regular basis
  • Complete homework assignments at home
  • Actively follow along if the class is reading together
  • Keep phone in bag/pocket during instructional time
  • Turn work in on time
  • Be responsible for completing work from absent days







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