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Angela Hearn


 Introduction Video: https://shorts.flipgrid.com/watch/11932794700694045


I am so happy to be teaching science again this year! This is my 26th year to teach, but my 7th year in Santa Fe ISD. I absolutely have found the place for me. I have taught math AND science my whole career...some in 5th grade and some in 6th grade. I LOVE both subjects with a passion! 


We will be doing labs and activities that will require extra supplies. If you are able to be put on the list as a donor of supplies, please email me. Any little bit helps!

 Class Schedule:

Ms. Hearn’s Purple Team Schedule- Science

Room 306

Purple Team Schedule:

1st 7:35 – 8:26 Science PAP

2nd 8:29 – 9:15 Science

3rd Conference: 9:18 – 10:04

4th 10:07 – 10:53 Science

5th 10:56 – 11:42 Science PAP

6th Team/ Department: 12:55-1:25

7th 1:30 – 2:16 Science

8th 2:19 – 3:05 Science


Tutoring Helps!!!!!!                   


Tuesdays and Thursdays


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