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Hello Everyone!

Here is the link to my ART 1 HOMEPAGE:


Once you are on the ART 1 HOMEPAGE click on your class period, that will navigate you your class period's TEAMS meeting.


My name is Matthew Knickerbocker, I will be teaching ART 1 this school year.  I am a graduate of Clear Lake High School and I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Texas at Austin.  I am excited and looking forward to working with students, fellow teachers, and staff to make this a great school year and positive learning experience for us all. 



1st- ART 1

2nd- ART 1

3rd- ART 1

4th- ART 1

5th- Conference

6th- ART 1

7th- ART 1


Course Fees

Art 1- $30.00

*Please pay fees to the bookkeeper in the front office.

Checks and money orders for ART 1 should be made out to SFHS-ART.



Please contact me to schedule a tutorial time through my email,


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions for me, please email them to me at matthew.knickerbocker@sfisd and I will populate those questions and answers here.



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