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Pre-AP  Algebra 2:                                                         Adv Pre-cal:

4th  period: @geh4a3                                                    2nd period: @9k4789

5th period: @ce4akaf                                                   7th period: @4477ae

6th period: @94c38a                                                   8th period: @fkakb43


AP Calculus:

3rd period: @89bcac



              Hi, I am so glad to be back at school for my 19th year of teaching. 

Things that you need to know:

  • I have two teenagers and two dogs and have been married over 22 years
  • I LOVE teaching and I love math
  • I have taught math in every grade from 6th- 12th
  • I can be your favorite teacher or your worst… it is what you make of it
  • If you need help, ASK!!!!

Please email me with any questions. rona.pless@sfisd.org 



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