Mrs. Crawford-7th Grade ELAR

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Links to an external site.Welcome to Mrs. Crawford's 7th grade English Language Arts class. I am excited about getting to know all of my students. This will be my sixteenth year teaching at Santa Fe Junior High and my ninth year in 7th grade.

Please contact me at or 409-925-9359 if you need further assistance. 

Please sign up for Remind to keep informed about important class events. Please click on LinkLinks to an external site. to sign up.

Red Team Schedule:

1st Period  7:35-8:32

2nd Period 8:34-9:31

3rd Period 9:33-10:30

4th Period 10:32-11:28

Lunch: 11:30-12:00

5th Period 12:02-12:58

6th Period 1:00-1:57

7th Period 1:59-2:55


Tutorials-Tuesdays & Thursdays - 3:00-3:45


Grading Policy Image result for grades clipart

Mastery (tests) - 50% Quizzes - 40% Homework - 10%

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