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 Algebra  I  /Modified  for  Resource  Math  9, Resource Geometry  Math Models/Algebra 2 Syllabus    

Course  Description   This  course  will  cover  and  extend  material  from  Pre-­‐Algebra  as  well  as  introduce  more   advanced  topics.  Areas  of  concentration  will  include:  understanding  our  number  system,   solving,  graphing,  and  writing  linear  equations  and  inequalities.    

Upon  successful  completion  of  Resource  Math  9,  students  will  be  ready  to  take   Resource  Math  10  (Geometry  based)  the  following  year.    All  class  work  is  subject  to   individual  student  IEP  regulations.        

The  problem  solving  and  critical   thinking  skills  that  students  learn  in  Math  class  are  valuable  tools  that  can  be  taken  to   and  applied  in  other  disciplines  as  well  as  for  the  career/technical  track.        

Instruction  will  more  often  than  not  include  a  bell  ringer  assignment  (pre-­‐assess/post-­‐ assess),  guided  lecture  with  teacher/student  practice,  and,  at  times,  collaborative  work   (pairs,  triads,  groups).  These  sessions  will  almost  always  end  with  an  in  class  assignment   with  teacher  prompting  and  intensive  extra  help  as  needed.  There  may  be  days  when   students  are  asked  to  discover  information  on  their  own,  or  in  peer  groups.  Technology   (in  the  form  of  calculators)  will  be  utilized  most  every  day.  Other  technology  usage  will   vary  by  teacher.    

Course  Goals  

• Review  of  operations,  percent  conversion,  decimals,  fractions,  and  other  pre-­‐ algebra  concepts.  

• Manipulate  and  simplify  real  numbers.  

• Solve,  graph,  and  write  linear  equations,  inequalities,  and  functions.  

• Utilize  literacy  skills  through  reading  and  writing  assignments  which  pertain  to   mathematics      
Major  Assignments  

• In  class  work  will  include  the  following;  Independent  Practice,  Participation,   Projects,  and  tests/quizzes  

• Class  work  will  require  students  to  apply,  analyze,  synthesize,  and/or  evaluate   concepts,  skills,  and  information  learned  in  class,  based  on  content  standards.  

• Chapter  reviews  will  more  often  than  not  precede  chapter  tests.  

• Weekly  literacy  assignments     Major  Projects  and  Assessments  

• Quizzes  will  be  given  throughout  each  chapter  based  on  teacher  discretion.  

• There  will  be  a  test  at  the  end  of  each  chapter.  

• A  cumulative  exam  will  be  given  at  the  end  of  each  semester.  

• Assessments  will  require  students  to  apply,  analyze,  synthesize,  and/or  evaluate   concepts,  skills,  and  information  learned  in  class,  based  on  content  standards.  

• Students  will  be  required  to  complete  one  weeklong  project  each  semester.     Students  may  choose  to  create  an  interactive  poster  (Glogster),  a  brochure   (created  from  software  such  as  iWork  or  Keynote)  or  some  other  product   (approved  by  the  teacher)  outlining  a  concept  from  class.  Each  student  will   present  their  product  to  the  class.    

Grading  Plan    

A   93  –  100%   B   85  –  92%   C   77  –  84%   D   70  –  76%    

*Independent  practice,  Participation,  Projects,  and  Tests  are  equally  weighted  for  the   final  grade.    

Re-­‐Do  Policy   Mastery  Learning-­‐  Students  may  correct  test/quiz  answers  that  are  missed  to  receive  a   reduced  point  value  and  master  the  specific  concepts  in  which  they  did  not   comprehend.  

Teach/Re-­‐teach  and  Test/Re-­‐test-­‐  teacher  option  if  students  collectively   struggled  on  a  concept(s).    

Late  or  Missing  Work  Policy   The  Power  of  “I”-­‐  students  who  are  missing  assignments  will  be  given  an  “Incomplete”   until  the  “quality”  work  is  turned  in.  Eventually,  work  that  is  not  turned  in  will  result  in   an  “F.”      


Study  Tables  are  available  every Tuesday and Wednesday  after  school  from  2:45  –  3:15  for   students  who  need  extra  help.  Teachers  are  also  willing  to  give  extra  help  before  or   after  school.  Further  additional  help  will  be  available  through  appointment.    

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