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Santa Fe High School

Business Information Management Syllabus


Instructor:                   Carl Matejka

Telephone:                   409.925.3283


Conference Period:     6th Period 12:55 – 1:35


Course Description and Purpose

This course is designed to develop skills for success in the workplace.  Students will select the appropriate technology to address business needs and will use word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation graphics technology using the Microsoft Office application software package.  Desktop publishing concepts will be introduced and publications created using Microsoft Publisher.  Students will also identify concepts of computer systems and analyze operating systems and emerging technology.  CTE Fee of $25 due by September 28.




1 credit - This course is approved for technology credit. 



Microsoft Office 2016  – class set provided


Other books and workbooks as needed


Grading Criteria

20%   Daily Work – includes daily assignments, pop quizzes, group activities, and homework

30%    Minor Grades—quiz and reviews

50%   Major Grade – includes written tests, productions tests, and major projects.  Written tests will be given to assess your knowledge of the content covered in class.  Tests may include multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer/essay, and matching.  Production tests will assess your knowledge of the use of the computer software. 


Classroom Rules:

  2. Be seated when the bell rings.
  3. Be respectful to your peers – including their property.
  4. No profanity!! – will NOT be tolerated
  5. Follow instructions


Classroom Consequences:

  1. Verbal warning.
  2. Student/teacher conference during or after class.
  3. Parent contact.
  4. Office referral.





NOTE: This syllabus may be altered by instructor as conditions warrant!

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