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¡Bienvenidos a todos!

Hola, my name is Martha Matthews and I will be the Spanish I and Discovering Language and Culture teacher this year.    I came to SFJH in January of 2021.   I am looking forward to what the year will bring.

I have been teaching for 32 years.  I am originally from Indianapolis, IN.  I attended Butler University where I majored in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Spanish and Physical Education.  When I moved to Texas,  I was first hired in the Pasadena ISD district where I taught Spanish and coached.  I started working on my Master's at UHCL. I earned my degree in  Fitness and Human Performance.  I have coached many sports in junior high as well as high school but have always taught Spanish.   I love the language.

I am married to Michael, my husband of 23 years  and we have two daughters- Mindy-18 and Matti-16. I love to travel and watch my girls play softball and when at home I enjoy reading, playing with our dog Brody and cat Buddy.    


Scroll down for further information about class.





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Mi Horario (My Schedule)

1a- 7:35-8:27          Discovering Language and Cultures

2a- 8:30-9:22          Spanish 1 

3a- 9:25-10:17        Spanish 1

4a- 10:20-12:20     Discovering Language and Cultures

5a-12:23-1:15        Discovering Language and Cultures

6a-1:18-2:10           conference

7a-2:13-3:05          Discovering Language and Cultures



Discovering Language and Culture                                    Spanish I adv

Daily Work     40%                                                                             Daily Work       10%

Homework     10%                                                                             Minor                30%

Test                  50%                                                                             Major               50%



What are the Spanish class expectations?
Keep notes, participate in class-time exercises, complete homework before class, and study vocabulary and grammar. Practice speaking out of class to improve your skills. Stay in your seat until dismissed. DO NOT PACK UP EARLY!

To be successful in this class:

  1. Write down all assignments and homework as well as due dates in your notes daily.
  2. Check my calendar in CANVAS– The website will be a great resource for you as I will put up the agenda for the week with the homework assignments. There will be useful resources for you to utilize that will allow you to practice your Spanish language skills.
  3. Take risks. Do not be afraid to speak or make mistakes- that is one of the best ways to improve your Spanish.
  4. Take time to study every night: Make flashcards for your vocabulary words to help you study. Learning Spanish requires constant practice. Spending at least 20 minutes per night will help you memorize vocabulary words and be successful in Spanish class.
  5. Ask for help: Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns or to set up an appointment for additional help. YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES!!! Do NOT be afraid to make mistakes. I am more interested in you showing a true effort than being perfect.



MISSED WORK- location on CANVAS 



Martha Matthews

phone: 409-925-9300   ext 9341

conference (daily): 

Tutorials:  Tuesdays and Thursdays after school till 3:40



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