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Welcome to Ms Malish's Canvas page!

For the week of October 13th-

Monday-prepare journal entries for manipulating algebraic equations to solve for physics variables, discuss how algebra can be used for real life applications and how we're proving it in our physics classes. Don't forget to mention the quadratic formula and how to replace x from algebra for t (time) in physics. 


Tuesday-this weeks journal entry will be about changing from one dimensional motion to two dimensions. The two dimensions being the x and the y planes, write about how previous math classes have helped in abstractly understanding two dimensional motion ie graphs on the x-y plane in both algebra and geometry.


Wednesday- prepare a journal entry for vectors, where have we used vectors before and what do they represent to us? Adding vectors together using tip to tail methods, and geometry using Pythagoreans theorem. 


Thursday- With the homecoming football game coming up, discuss how two dimensional motion is everything in football, in order to score a passing touchdown the quarterback and receiver have to be totally in sync with the balls projectile motion. Discuss how the quarterback has to read the receiver to deliver the perfect velocity football angled with just the right incline and how the receiver has to read the ball for speed to determine how fast he needs to run to catch the ball. 


Friday- With incoming weather and tropical storms forming in the gulf, discuss how the upper atmospheric pressure plays an impact on temperatures and upper altitude jet streams, discuss how safe you think we are here in south Houston based on these parameters. 


My schedule for this year is 

1 Conference

2 Physics (Remind text @rmalis to 81010 for class announcements etc)

3 Physics (Remind text @rmalis to 81010 for class announcements etc)

4 Credit recovery (Remind text @67ag4c to 81010 for announcements etc)

5 Credit recovery (Remind text @67ag4c to 81010 for announcements etc)

6 AP Physics 2 

7 Athletics (Girls Soccer!!!!!)

To get to course specific information students should login into Canvas from the sfisd.org homepage and select the respective course on the dashboard. There are links to each section and period for online class videos etc. 


Feel free to contact me at 



I graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor's in Nuclear Engineering double minoring in physics and math in 2006, I then went on to get a masters degree from A&M in Mechanical Engineering in 2008. I have a huge passion for helping students apply and enroll in college and determine a career path based on their passions. I worked in the industry for 12 years as a project engineer and project manager for GE and Siemens. I've had the opportunity to work on projects and travel all over the World designing and building power plants for electricity generation. My goal is to use my experience in industry to help students with the concepts learned in my physics courses and to excite them on what the future will hold.


On a more personal note, I have three children aged 7 (Luke), 5 (Elise) and 2 (Hannah). My personal life revolves around my kids any given weekend we are swimming, playing baseball, or soccer, at the beach or riding bikes. I also have a passion for cooking and eating delicious food :) I can't wait to meet everyone and am looking forward to this exciting school year! 




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