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Hello all! My name is Mrs. Couch and I will be your Reading & Language Arts teacher this year. I am so pumped to meet you face to face and get to know all of you! Until then however, we will have to get to know one another virtually. 

I am married and have two precious babies; my son is 2 and my daughter is 8 months old. I am a movie trivia buff, so I challenge anyone to beat me! I enjoy puns and corny jokes. I LOVE music and I love to sing (unfortunately not a good singer). 

My goal for this fall semester is for each of you to feel comfortable with all of the virtual learning we will be doing. After we tackle this technological obstacle, you all will have indispensable knowledge that will help you succeed the rest of your education. So that's a plus! 

Stay positive, this year is going to rock! 




*Red and blue classes are double block classes*

1st 7:35-8:26 (51 minutes w/announcements)
2nd 8:29-9:15 (46 minutes)
3rd 9:18-10:04 (46 minutes)
4th 10:07-10:53 (46 minutes)
5th 10:56-11:42 (46 minutes)
6th 11:45 - 1:27 (102 minutes)
A-Lunch 11:47-12:17 (30 minutes)
7th 1:30-2:16 (46 minutes)
8th 2:19-3:05 (46 minutes)


Please see video below for info about this class!

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