Sight Words

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1st nine weeks

a, am, an, at, be, can, did, do, go, he, in, is, it, me, or, as, by, of, my, no, on, I, us, we, big

2nd nine weeks

all, how, day, man, for, if, I’m, just, like, not, put, the, up, here, one, see, was, went, who, but, him, has, get, play, now

3rd nine weeks

was, saw, would, don’t, to, had, your, are, came, into, so, you, too, will, two, she, and, her, his, got, said, look, than, mother, could

4th nine weeks

after, back, because, been, come, from, have, where, then, they, very, away, before going, were, them, this, little, that, when, our, with, their, make, out


Code Knowledge

Secret Stories/Phonics

  • wh - wh  (who, what, when, where, why, white)
  • sh - sh  (she)
  • oo - oo (boot) oo (foot) oo (floor)
  • ck- the two letter "k"
  • or - or as in oreo
  • ow - "ow" "o" like the cow in the snow
  • ee - 'e' (double ee as in see)
  • ea - 'e' (meat) e (bread)  'a' (steak)
  • ie - 'e' (field) 'i' (pie) i (ponies)
  • ar - ar
  • ed - ed (needed)  d (mailed)  t (jumped)
  • ou - ow (round)  'o'(four)  oo (you)  uh (young)
  • ey - 'a' (they) 'e' (key) i (valley)
  • aw - aw as in saw
  • igh - 'i' (the three letter 'i'; sigh)
  • gn - 'n' as in sign 
  • kn - 'n' beginning (tie a knot in your shoe)
  • ng - ng (ring)
  • ch - ch (much) k (school) sh (chef)
  • oy - oy as in boy
  • oi - oi never at the end as in point 
  • oa - 'o' as in boat
  • oe - 'o' as in toe
  • wr - r, the two-letter r as in wrap a present
  • au - "au" as in fault, author, August, and autumn
  • ew - oo (grew) 'u' (few) like Mrs. Green grew a few
  • ui - u (juicy)  'oo' (fruit) like juicy fuit
  • dge - j the three-letter j (dodge)
  • eight - the four-letter 'a' (eight)
  • gh - g (ghost)
  • ph - f, as in phone and phonogram
  • si - sh as in vision
  • ci - sh as in facial
  • ei - 'e' (conceit) 'a' (veil) I (forfeit) reindeer
  • ti - the tall sh as in nation
  • ough - 'o' (though); oo (through); uf (rough); off (cough) aw (thought); ow (bow )
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