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If you need to reach me please email alex.mcfaddin@sfisd.org

My office hours are 1:30-3:30pm 

If you need help I will be available my video chat, live chat, or email. Whatever you need! 




Welcome to 7th Grade Texas History! This will be my 4th year teaching at Santa Fe Jr. High. I'm hoping that we will have an awesome year of learning. I love teaching all kinds of history, but Texas history has a special place in my heart. 


How to reach me: alex.mcfaddin@sfisd.org


Class Materials: -Pen/Pencil -notebook -Scissors -Glue -Map Pencils/Markers


Tutorials: Tutorials will be on Tuesday and Thursdays from 2:50-3:45.

During football and track seasons students can go to tutorials with Mrs. Edge and Mr. Ford. 



1st 7:35-8:26 (51 minutes w/announcements)              

2nd 8:29-9:15 (46 minutes)

3rd 9:18-10:04 (46 minutes)

4th 10:07-10:53 (46 minutes)

5th 10:56-11:42 (46 minutes)

6th 11:45 - 1:27 (102 minutes)    

B-Lunch 12:21-12:51 (30 minutes)

7th 1:30-2:16 (46 minutes)

8th 2:19-3:05 (46 minutes)


Classroom Rules:

1. Respect Each Other

2. Keep Hands, Feet, and objects to yourself.

3. Be prepared with homework, supplies, and notes.

4. Be attentive and follow directions.



 1. Warning

 2. Conference

 3. Detention/Parent Contact

 4. Referral


Absence Policy: It is the student’s responsibility to check the class website or class folder. A student has two extra days to turn in any work assigned on the day a student was absent. If a quiz was administered on the day the student was absent, the quiz must be made up on the first day the student returns. This will be done during tutorials. Class time will not be used for make-up work. If previously assigned work was due on the day of the absence, the work is due on the first day the student returns.


Cheating: I have a zero-tolerance cheating policy. If caught cheating, the student will receive a zero. There will be no opportunity to make the grade up.

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