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These are some of the videos we've watched and discussed in class. Links on this page go to external, non-SFISD website. SFISD has no control over external web content. Please notify Mrs. Berlin if a link becomes unavailable or if there are other issues with external links.

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Film vs. Stage: Hellen Keller Story
The Miracle Worker (1962)

Helen Keller (Five Minute Theatre)

The Directors Role
How to Direct a Movie or Play: Directing Actors for Truthful Performance

Duck Soup - The Mirror Scene


Jerry Lewis - The Bellboy, Chair Duty Scene (walking across an empty room)


Shel Silverstein - Sara Cynthia Sylvia Stout (Would Not Take The Garbage Out)


This year's district-wide musical is Mama Mia. If you would like to become familiar with the music that inspired the musical, here is an ABBA playlist.

Also available in Spanish!


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