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Getting an "A" in theatre is easy. 


Theatre is an active class. Theatre is a "doing" class.  Aside from occasional special projects, the bulk of your grade reflects how much and how enthusiastically you participate in class each day. For example, in an average day we may do four activities:

  • Writing / Reflection / Bell Work
  • Warm-Up Game
  • Watch a part of a performance (video or other classmates) and demonstrate proper audience etiquette
  • Feature activity

Each of these can be thought of as 25% of your participation grade. 

  • A student who does his or her bell work, plays the warm up game, exhibits proper audience manners during performances, and wholly participates in the feature activity will earn a 100%.
  • A student who does all of these but, let's say, continuously talks or distracts during a performance, will earn a 75% for the day.
  • If that same student refuses to participate in the warm-up activity, he or she will only earn a 50% for the day. And so on.

I give frequent reminders to stay on task, but participation is up to you!

Get into the habit of saying YES!

Drama Masks


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