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Class Schedule

1st period--Spanish 2

2nd period--AVID 2

3rd period--AVID 3/4

4th period--Spanish 2

5th period--Spanish 2

(C Lunch 11:51-12:21)

6th period--Spanish 2

7th period-- Conference


Contact Information



AVID 2 = @sfhsavid24

AVID 3 = @sfhsavid23

AVID 4 = @sfhsavid22

Tutorials upon request

Classroom:  B209 and B207

Phone:  409-925-3232






AVID def pic.pngWelcome to Mr. Kody Allred's Homepage!

AVID 2-4


About the teacher:

Professional Life:  I have been working at SFHS since 2015.  Some of you already know me because I worked for College of the Mainland for two years and had the privilege of being assigned to SFHS as a College Connections Advisor.  Prior to my time at College of the Mainland, I worked at both the University of Houston-Clear Lake as a Research Assistant and Strayer University as a Sociology Professor.  I received my Bachelors degree in Sociology and Latin American Studies from Brigham Young University and a my Masters from the University of Houston-Clear Lake in Cross-Cultural Studies.

Personal Life:  I am married to my best friend and love of my life, Fina, and I have the awesome privilege and responsibility of having four beautiful daughters. 


About the classroom:

Classroom Expectations:  My classroom will be a safe place where students will interact with each other, with culture, and with the college process.  I hope to foster a fun and collaborative environment where students feel comfortable sharing, learning, and growing together.  For this to happen, I expect the following from my students:

  • Respect themselves, the teacher, and others at all times
    • This includes other's belongings
    • The use of profanity, in any language, is not permitted in my classroom
  • Put forth their best effort at all times
    • Do your own work
    • Learn because you love learning not because you are getting a grade
  • Come to class prepared each day
    • Bring the appropriate supplies 
    • Bring an open mind
    • Bring a good attitude
    • Be ready to work
  • Follow directions when given
    • Remember, be respectful and follow directions when and as given
  • Help maintain a positive learning environment for all
    • Student actions that interfere with teaching or learning, or that are disrespectful, will not be tolerated
    • Use class time to learn, develop, and participate in the activities presented.  Do not spend time sleeping, talking, playing games, etc. 
  • Pay attention and participate
    • My classroom will be a very collaborative, student-centered, and interactive environment
    • Be engaged in the activities and discussions.  If you have a question, ask it, otherwise, it may go unanswered
    • The use of cell phones in my classroom will not be permitted except during specific classroom activities or when otherwise notified.  During class, your cell phone will be placed in your bag or in the pouches at the front of the room.  You will recieve a verbal warning for the first offense.  On the second offense your phone will be confiscated and can only be retrieved at the end of class.  On the third offense, your phone will be confiscated and given to administration, which will cost you $15 to retrieve.  Just so you know, I am very strict on this policy.
  • Finally, take responsibility for your own actions
    • If you are approached about breaking a rule, own it.  If you are mistakenly approached about breaking a rule, be respectful and not abrasive.  Come see me and we'll work it out. 
    • Take responsibility for your assignements and make sure to complete them and turn them in on time

Classroom Rules:

  • The use of profanity, derogatory comments, or terms with negative connotations, in any language, will NOT be tolerated in my classroom.
  • No food or drink in the classroom, except a water bottle with a lid.
  • Arrive on time and ready to work
  • Do not line up at the door waiting to be dismissed at the end of class, please remain seated. 
  • Do NOT cheat, plagiarize, or copy another students work
    • Cheating is unacceptable and will not be tolerated
    • SFHS and SFISD policies regarding cheating and plagiarism will be followed
  • Do not turn in late work
    • SFHS and SFISD policies regarding late work will be followed
  • Be polite and respectful





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