Resource English Syllabus

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English I, II , III, & IV  Resource Syllabus


Course Description These courses are designed to explore literature and to develop reading, language, literature, media, writing, research, and study skills.




In Resource English II, III, & IV we will be working on: 


Writing: The writing process, persuasive essays, creative essays, and short answer responses to various prompts

Vocabulary: Units from Holt McDougal Vocabulary Practice and Testsand literature based vocabulary

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics: Lessons from Texas Write Sourceand accompanying Texas Write Source Skills Book. Parts of speech, sentence diagramming, sentence structure

Listening and Speaking: Individual and group projects and presentations

Research: Various assignments

Media Literacy: Various sources and assignments

*STAAR/EOC Testing Preparation




Assessments   Class work, homework, participation, short writing assignments (journals, paragraph responses etc.), major essays/papers, quizzes/tests, and projects.

Grading  Links to an external site.

Major - Exams, essays                       40%

Minor – Quizzes, projects, Classwork and homework          60%



*Late work

Students may be permitted to turn in an assignment up to three school days past the original due date with a grade deduction of 25 points off of the grade earned.


Homework   All homework will be collected at the beginning of class unless otherwise instructed.  If it is not turned in at this time it is late (points will be deducted accordingly). 


*All minor/daily assignments associated with a major assignment (exam/test) must be turned in prior to the administration of the major assignment.


Please visit (www.sfisd.orgLinks to an external site.) for more information.


Tutorials  I have afternoon tutorials on Tuesday and Wednesdays from 2:45-3:15 by appointment only. 



Classroom Policies

Be Respectful - No one (student or adult) should feel uncomfortable or unwelcome in this classroom.   

Be Responsible - Get to class on time.  The tardy policy is in the student handbook and on my bulletin board.

Be Present - Take care of your personal business on your time.  Bathroom and nurse passes are to be used sparingly. Do not enter or leave the class without a pass. 

Be Involved – Pay attention, do your work, participate.


SCHOOL RULES Must Be Followed

Dress Code

Students are expected to know and follow the approved dress code.


Tardy Policy

Students must be inside the classroom when the bell rings or they are considered tardy.



Students are not allowed to leave the classroom the first ten minutes or the last 10 minutes of class.

Cell Phones

Cell phones will not be permitted during class.

Cell phones may be used in in the morning before first period or at lunch but again not during instructional time.

Please be aware many teachers have testing policies that will ask you to turn in your phone before a test, you must follow these policies.

Food and Drink

Students are allowed to drink bottled water in class.  No food is permitted. No sodas, Sonic drinks, coffee, etc.


Rewards & Consequences


   -Extra credit tickets, candy, homework pass…


   - Student warning

   - Student/teacher conference

   - Teacher detention before or after school will be assigned. Parents

     will be notified of student detention.

   - Parent/student/teacher conference may also occur at this point.

   - Office referral.  Parents will be notified of office referral by teacher.

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