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Audio Visual Production
Santa Fe High School
Course Syllabus
Each teacher at Santa Fe High School will furnish a course syllabus to students and parents during the first week of a course.  This document contains general information about the course in which the student is registered and specific information from the teacher regarding the section in which the student is enrolled.
Teacher Name: Carl Matejka Teacher Conference Time:  12:55-1:35
Contact Information:  409-927-3283 CTE Fee of $25 due by September 28.
Course Description: In addition to developing technical knowledge and skills needed for   
success in the career cluster, students will be expected to develop an understanding 
of the industry with a focus on pre-production, and post-production audio and video 
Textbook – Class Material/Supplies Needed:
1.  Video Cameras 4.  Cyber College website
2.  Still Cameras 5.  Adobe Photoshop
3.  Microsoft Office 6.  Adobe Premier Pro
Alternative Assignments for Course Requirements:
Alternative Assignments are based on extreme circumstances of the students and are 
assigned at the discretion of the teacher.
Approximate Timelines and Due Dates of Long-Term Projects:
All projects will be due on the following dates:  Last day of the nine weeks
General Methods of Assessment & Grade Calculations:
Major Assessments 50% 1.  Presentations
Daily Work 30% 2.  Daily Production of Work
Minor Assessments 20% 3.  Projects 
Average Amount of Homework (minutes per night):
None:  Work must be completed in class.  
For all state-approved courses, the State of Texas has developed the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which define the guidelines under which SFISD must develop the objectives for the course.  These TEKS are cross-referenced to the SFISD curriculum objectives.
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