Rules for 2020-2021 related to bimodal learning

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For students attending class virtually:

·       Join class through the link in Canvas on time.

·       Turn your mic on to respond to attendance, but then remember to turn it back off.

·       Be aware that classes are recorded, so watch what you are saying in chat

·       When in a breakout rooms, stay on task so that when you are returned to the classroom you will be able to fully participate.

·       Use the chat only for class related topics.

·       Be a good virtual citizen and student – keep language and actions school appropriate, when on video and in chat feature. 

·       Stay focused on the lesson; do not stray to other websites or social media platforms.

·       When asked a direct question, unmute your mic and then mute it again once you have finished speaking. 

·       If you have a question, “raise your hand”, using the virtual raise your hand button.  If the question is not urgent, put it in the chat. 

·       Obey the honor code. 

For students attending face to face (f2f)

·       Wear a mask, and do so properly (must cover mouth and nose)

·       Come to class prepared and ready to work each day, whether attendance is in person or virtual.

·       Enter the room in an orderly fashion and sit in your assigned seat.  Seating charts will be required so the district can perform contact tracing in the event of an active Covid-19 case in a classroom.

·       Remove only the supplies needed for class.  That does NOT include your cell phone.  Cell phones should remain in your backpack.

·       Do not move about the classroom without permission.

·       Be respectful and courteous to others.  Remember that wearing your mask is respectful of other student's fears of contracting the virus.

·       Do not ask to use the RR during instruction or inside the 10-10 rule.

·       Obey the honor code. 


·       Students may not consume any food or drink, other than water (in a clear water bottle).

·       Students may not use a cell phone, smart watch, or any electronic entertainment devices for any reason while in class, unless explicit permission is given.

·       Students may use the laptops to access school email, canvas website, OneNote program and any other program specifically outlined by the instructor.

·       Students must be in dress code and be wearing their ID before they enter the room (f2f students)

·       Follow the 10-10 rule (f2f) – students may not leave the classroom in the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes of class.

·       We will follow all school rules developed to avoid the spread of COVID-19.



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